Working With The Kids Home All Day

Is this controversial?  I have been seeing this question a lot in the online space.  And what I know about this post is that everyone has their own opinions on how to work from home:  work around the kids, or only when they aren’t there or sleeping. Both are all fine and well, but what do you do when you have to?  Or screw it, you just want to knock some stuff out. Do it, and do you honey!

From spring break, to summer and kids that don’t even go to school yet or at all.  You need to find a way to work around your kids, unless you work while they are sleeping only.  I have a few ideas to help you through a tough spot when you have to work with them around.

Work side-by-side (crafts, watching educational TV while you work).  

This works when you have kids that are old enough to kinda do their own thing with a little supervision.  You all can gather at the dining room or kitchen table, break out the crafts and let them go ham. You can be surveyor of the action while answering any questions while scheduling social media on your laptop or cranking out some content for your site.  Whatever tasks you can do while not having a total distraction free environment will be great for a day like this.

Work and play outside of the home.  

There are so many places where your kids can play and you can sit and get some work done.  Whether it’s a fast food joint with an indoor playground, or a bounce house with wifi. This will take a bit of research on your part but most areas have some place like this.  That way, the kids can have fun still and you can get a little bit of work done.

Get the absolute essentials done, and enjoy those babies.  

If the kids are home and it was a surprise to you, like a snow day, you want to do the priorities for the day and then it’s quittin time.  Go and enjoy the kids for the day. Not all work and no play. Do what you absolutely need to get done and then go have some fun!

Being able to work around your kids is not for everyone.  But for someone like me who is out of the home for 40+ hours a week with a full time job, I work around my kids a lot.  Yes I do get focused time with them, but the amount of time I have at home to work on my business is limited. I want to be able to be home with them full time and be able to support my family from working at home.  And while I don’t want to sit at a computer while they are watching a split screen of youtube kids singing educational songs with my 2 year old, some days we do just that. This is a sacrifice that some of us make on the way to building our dream lives, ultimately being able to spend more time with family and loved ones, doing what we love.

Check out my FB live I did on what I planned to do with the kids while on spring break.

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