Future Of Work From Home Style Office Spaces

Working from home in a home office space is a concept well understood by entrepreneurs and side hustlers.  But the rest of the world is now learning about work from home style office spaces and how they can be integrated into the common areas or spare bedrooms of their homes.  This year we have experienced a major shift in the way we used to work.  We are adjusting to entire families working from home in some shape or fashion.  The future of work from home style office spaces is taking an exciting turn and leading the conversation in this new norm.

Work from home office spaces

Making space for a work from home style office

You finally decided it was time to buy a home. You looked for your desired features and in the best neighborhoods, I’m but you probably didn’t factor in needing to work from home!  Unless you already owned a business or had the inkling of owning a business one day, you probably thought about some extra bedrooms for potential kids and space for everyone to play and hang out.  With the country shutting down, non-entrepreneurs have been faced with the urgency to make space somewhere in their homes to create and work.  And if those extra spaces in the home are all filled up, most of us will be working in a shared work from home style office space.

Kids work from home too​

Not only has there been a major shift in adults working from home, but our children are doing school from home too!  Lots of kids are still not going to school in person and are needing more permanent places to do their work.  Kids need  options to create atmospheres where they can focus on school in the home.  The workspaces for kids can vary greatly depending on age and will likely evolve as time progresses and things continue to change.  The needs for these kids to learn effectively is changing.  While they can take a few cues from others who are used to working from home, having to do an entire school day (at a school-aged level) will continue to improve as they continue to keep distance learning as an option.

Interior Design integrating with home style office spaces

Work from home style office spaces will be integrated within the interior design of the home.  As I mentioned above, the need for a home office has grown significantly in the past few months.  Many homeowners want to have their common areas designed to match their sense of style.  Having a work from home style office space that blends seamlessly with that style will be a growing trend for many of us now that working from home is more common.  The retail industry may have been thrown for a loop like the rest of us.  But you best believe, they are paying attention and they are gearing up!

While we don’t know what the future will hold, we do know that many employers are rethinking the normal way to work. Employers are offering work from home options beyond the health crisis. The number of entrepreneurs is increasing and the need to create work from home style office spaces is growing right along with it. Not knowing how to style a home office doesn’t have to stop you from creating cohesive living and workspaces that can function for both hanging out with the family and getting some work done.

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