When The Playroom Takes Over

Where is your favorite place to hang out in your home?  

In my home it’s our den and playroom combination.  

Not only is it right next to the kitchen, which makes it easy for snacking and drinks, but it is also where my daughter’s toys and play area is located.  

So when friends and family come over, the kids can play and we all have a great time in there.  

Sharing this space with the children is becoming increasingly unbearable with the influx of more toys, lack of organization, and inconsistency on how and when to clean up the play area.  

Den/Playroom BeforeI would have people stop by and we would have to step around the “mess” in order to sit on the couch.  

My daughter completely took over the entire den as her “playground”.  

It was beyond time to change that.  She needed to be able to play freely without completely taking over the adult space in the room.

The previous layout of the den, encouraged the full use of the space.  I grabbed this tv stand from a neighbor that was going to throw it out (glass was missing from the doors).  I completely took the doors off, leaving a massive storage unit for the playroom.  It created an adult looking boundary for the playroom that completely defined the space.  


Some of the organizational changes that I made:   Playroom After

  • Sturdy book storage (previously on fabric two tier shelf)
  • Separate containers for Legos and play kitchen food (with lids).  Get these cheap here DollarTree.com
  • Puzzle separation and organization (several puzzles were mixed all together)
  • Dress up cabinet (basket storage for playing pretend and dress up accessories)
  • Stuffed animals reside on the Dora two tier fabric shelf
  • Removed half of the Legos, puzzles, baby dolls, and stuffed animals (will switch out in two weeks-I may need to half the books too, but we’ll see how that goes)
  • Any green bin or basket has items that my 10 month old son can play with (rule for that is “if he is on the floor, she can only play with green bucket or basket items”)


Now it’s up to me to enforce the most important part of organizing the playroom; her new routine when pulling out toys to play with.  

So the plan is to only pull out two baskets, bins, or storage containers at one time.  Because I have separated the  toys into categories, this “should” make for easy clean up and cut down on the overwhelm of having to clean up all of her toys.  We also make sure all toys remain in the “play area”.

I really want her to still feel like she has a place in the room that is special for her and I think we accomplished just that!


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