What Should Every Home Office Have in 2021

The home office is getting more and more attention now that corporate workers are continuing to stay home and working remotely.  You need to be up to date on what every home office should have in 2021 as the year start and the Pandemic continues.  Being able to work in your home efficiently is crucial because of all the distractions we have in our immediate surroundings.  The essentials for working from home have changed for both entrepreneurs and corporate workers and is due some revisiting!

Home office essentials for 2021


Being home more often has had its effects on all of us.  Many of us have been able to go out and do some of the things we used to, but for the most part we have been around the house quite a bit.   Whether you are working from home temporarily or if you are an entrepreneur, having some inspiration in your office is key to keeping your vibe raised and progressive.  Maybe it’s a photo of your last family vacation, or your goals listed and framed.  Whatever inspires you to keep going and looking toward your goals, add this to your office space.

Mobility is Something Every Home Office Should Have in 2021

Being able to pick up and move throughout the home is necessary for a lot of us in 2021.  Having kids home from school, or your spouse, or anyone else in the home that may not normally be there under other circumstances.  We are having to be flexible with our workspaces depending on what’s going on in the home.  Having a mobile workspace planned out for these instances helps you transition during these last-minute schedule changes and the home’s comings and goings.  You can learn more about setting up a mobile workspace here.

Earbuds or noise-canceling headphones 

This item is a no brainer as something you need in your home office in 2021!  The number of video calls has increased as well as the extra people in the home.  We all need the ability to hear content, or workshops while other people in the home are doing the same or going about their normal day.  Having the earbuds or headphones with a mic is ideal over the older models.  This allows for the “other” noises in your home to be less audible to the people you are talking to.  Depending on your tasks, having headphones is better than none at all.

Having a Great background is Something Every Home Office Should Have in 2021

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to curating a styled background.  We are always making sure that what’s behind us is something we are ok with others seeing.  Corporate people may not be as familiar.  Having a presentable background can be simple and doesn’t have to break the bank.  Having your back to a blank wall is better than the viewers seeing an entire room behind you.  This minimizes distractions for the viewer and they can focus entirely on you.  If you want to style the background you can use artwork, shelving, or bookshelves that you don’t mind being on camera.  Be mindful of having foot traffic behind you as this will increase distractions for the viewers as well.


You don’t need to go out and buy special lighting and camera equipment to work in your home office in 2021.  Facing some natural light while on camera is oftentimes enough to get the job done.  Your video will be well lit and the viewers have a clear picture of you.  They can focus entirely on what you are saying.  If you don’t have great natural light where your home office is, you can buy daylight bulbs.  They’re pretty inexpensive and give your space that lighted boost that the normal yellowish lights don’t.

With the New Year off to a rough start, being able to focus while working in your office is more important now than ever.  Not knowing what’s going to happen to the economy, being able to work efficiently on your business will give you the focus we are all going to need to keep bringing in income and creating new ways to build wealth.  If you need help creating a workspace that helps you stay focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself for 2021, book a call here!

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