What do you do when you are getting kicked out of your office?

First of all don’t panic.  Plenty of us work in the living and dining rooms across the country and we survive and thrive just fine.  Maybe you have a baby on the way, or someone else is coming to use the room.  Have no fear, your resident shared home office specialist is here!

You have had the luxury of working in a room to yourself for some time, but think back to when you had to work in a common area.  What worked for you and what didn’t?   Could you face a wall, or is a window sear a requirement?  What about the time of day?  If you have always had a separate home office, you’ll have to trial and error some of this if it isn’t evident.

What time of day do you work best in?  Is this possible with your current family dynamic?  Think about daily schedules and write down some times where you could work in the common areas and not be disturbed.

Once you have you times down and are ready to pick a place, keep an open mind.  Don’t feel stuck with the obvious locations, think outside the box.  Take a stroll around your house.  Are there any nooks and crannies that aren’t being used to their capacity.  Can you move something out of the way that is rarely used and create your space there?  What about hallways?  Or sections of another room.

Do you need to kick someone else out of their spot (I mean like the dogs area or a play space) and move them somewhere else.  Don’t feel bad, you need to work, and they likely won’t mind a new fun area to play in!

You may not be able to take it all with you.  Depending on how much stuff you had in your home office before, it may not fit within the new space you are creating.  Take inventory of the essential needs to do what you do daily and look for a space that will accommodate that.  This may mean a new desk with storage included, and nix the large bookcase.

For however long you need to work in a shared home office space, know there are plenty of ways to minimize distractions, keep household clutter away, and keep your sanity.  Sign up for this valuable freebie to get started with your shared home office journey!

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