Taking Time Off For The Holidays

A lot of entrepreneurs are able to take a vacation from their biz during the holidays.  Are you one of the lucky ones? Will this be your first time? What do you think you will need to have in order, so that you can get some days off?  It’s essential that you set some things up and running beforehand so that you can enjoy the festivities when the time arrives.

How are you doing this

Schedule your social and online engagements in advance.  Most of us have social media or a website to keep up with.  There are many paid scheduling apps but there are also free ones too!  Take the time to learn the platforms if you haven’t already so that you can set your FB and blog posts to go out at a certain time.  

Set up a few extra emails to go out during the holidays  

People are off from work and are hanging out more leisurely so they are checking their phones for fun content while they are off from work.  Take this opportunity to entertain with some personal stories about yourself and what you are doing with your holiday. Everyone is typically in the spirit of sharing and love to hear how everyone else is having fun and sharing.  Also, people are spending money, so don’t forget to sell your stuff too!

Get stuff done early

Batch your work and take care of client work early so that you are able to still serve them and take time off for yourself.  This may cause you to work hard core in the weeks before the holiday, but will put you in position to actually enjoy the holiday.  Do whatever you can do now that will help you stay ahead of the client load when their projects are due.

Why should they care:  We all love what we do, so much that we’d likely do it for free.  But even though we enjoy our work so much, that shouldn’t keep us from spending quality time with our family or ourselves.  Even if you don’t think you need a break, I encourage you to take one anyway. See the effects of stepping away from your work and then getting back into it when you have cleared your mind and just had fun!

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