Take Your Work Space With You When Traveling This Holiday

With Thanksgiving on it’s way a lot of us may be traveling for the holiday.  Whether you go by road trip or flight, we will be leaving the comforts of our homes to visit family and friends.  Now some of you don’t have to do any work over the holidays, but many of us still have projects to complete, launches to implement, and clients to serve.

Have you figured out your plan for a mobile office?  While you may already have in mind to pack your laptop in a bag, what about some of the other items that help you do the work you do every day?  Here are some essentials to think about when preparing a mobile office for the holidays.


Mobile Office

What are the essentials to be able to do your work?  For most of us we can deal with the basics of a laptop, paper and pen.  But what about your planner or journal? If your work process includes journaling in the morning, or brain dumping you want to bring the items that help you do that as well.  Want to see your white board with a process map that keeps you on tasks while you are away visiting family. Take a picture as the next best thing.

Find a portable carrying case

Bag lady or boxy bin girl?  Either way, just make sure it’s easy enough to travel with and fit in whatever mode of transportation you have set up.  If you like the box or bin idea, look for ones with easy to grab handles on the side and this can include sturdy fashion fabric bins.  While most of us have something to transport our laptop in, I encourage you to get a sleeve if you don’t have one already. And then put that whole sleeve into a shoulder bag.  You can then add any notebooks or planners including pens and such. This way everything is in one place and can return to this one place when done working.

Scope out a new location

If you are not sure what your accommodations will look like, there are a few things that can help you figure out where your auxiliary should be set up at.  Look for tables that are already set up. This could be in an entryway, or corner of the living room. If there is a table for you to work on, look into this location further.  This will eliminate the task of having to find one and move around. Is this location quiet or at least for certain times of the day? What type of traffic to you foresee in this space?  Can you work here before everyone wakes up in the morning? Once you have nailed that down, you can then take your mobile office to and from that location and set up shop as needed. Remember this is just temporary but you for sure need to be productive.

When you are working away from home you want to feel like you are in your “environment” as much as you can.  Now I’m not talking spatially but you want to be around your things that make you feel at home and in BOSS mode.  Just because you are at Aunt Suzie’s house, doesn’t mean you should leave your CEO hat at home. Keeping your BOSS mentality with you as you are working away from your primary work space not only keeps the focus on your business and clients but also keeps you focused while working.

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