SOS Home Office Organization

Are you a mom that doesn’t have all day to work on your biz?

Let me guess, every time you sit down to work, you get interrupted several times by random thoughts, requests, and or noise from the loved ones in your home?

-You haven’t been able to figure out how to arrange your office within another room so that your aren’t forced to face the wall.

-Need an office space but have “nowhere” to put one in any other room of your home.

-So distracted in your shared office space, you can’t get any work done.

-You are spending half of your workday re-directing people away from you in order for you to concentrate.

-You share your office space out of necessity and aren’t sure how to arrange your office to best fit the space.

Are you ready to stop working around all the distractions in the common area of your home?

“Been here, done that!  I spent months working in the worst places in my home because the layout didn’t take away from the function of the room.  Or because I have the perfect space for a command center. Or because I thought my family would leave me alone in this location.

I worked smack in the middle of my family’s “dump zone” (you know that place everyone’s everything tends to end up in).  There was clutter all the time, and it’s actually the most social room in my home! What the hell was I thinking. I finally found my sweet spot and now see how I went about picking an office area ALL WRONG

When your office shares space within another room, it’s not as easy as picking a corner and slapping your desk against a wall.”


Because if you want to take your business to the next level and create products and services that will really impact others

You need to have the RIGHT space and ABILITY to focus to make that happen.

How can you create the best office space while living in your current home or apartment?

“SOS Distraction Cure - Virtual Office Organization”

This program will take your lifestyle + the available space in your home and give you an office space that not only makes you feel like a BOSS but gives you the space to create and minimize distractions

This process will not create the typical home office setup you see on Pinterest!  While Pinterest can give you tons of ideas on what you would like to see for your home office space, Pinterest can’t help you figure out the absolute best place to set up your office so that you can primarily work uninterrupted, be far away from the consistent clutter that may plague your home, and work in flow with your family’s lifestyle and routines.

 In as little as 6 weeks you will:

  • Have an office area that encourages focus and concentration
  • Save time on the work you do, giving you that FREE time to spend doing what you love
  • Be able to work distraction free during "your" best time of day to work, so you can truly focus on those important tasks
  • Shift your mindset when you walk into your office so that you are in full fleged "ready to work and crank it out mode"
  • Start feeling like the BOSS of you business and start making money like a BOSS

This is exactly how working with me is laid out!

  • Assessment of your current work space and surrounding environment

  • Nail down your biggest hurdles when working in the space and what you need to work successfully in the space

  • Set forth intentions for the new work space and create a strategic map for creating it

  • Setup your new office space with the assistance of these powerful tools

3D Pictures

Two different layouts to chose from, quality photos of the room where your home office will be set up at

Video Instruction

A walk through (of exactly what you need to put where and in what order) to ensure the smoothest transition into your new space

Written Outline

Follow the steps written in your personalized action plan and keep you on track as you work through the process

Follow Up

Weekly video or phone calls for checking on the progress of your project and to work through any questions or blocks

Continued Support

Unlimited email and FB messenger support throughout the process to work through any questions or blocks


Why me . . . I have been in your shoes

My home office has changed quite a bit over the past two years.  The space that you are in can inevitably light you up, or make you feel like what you are doing doesn’t matter to anyone but you.  I used to work around clutter, distraction city, and no one seemed to respect my time while I was working.

I needed to feel like a success

I realized that going through the grind, without the motivation of being successful was wearing on me.  I had to boost my morale and my surroundings to match what I wanted to be, do, and feel in my business. And that was SUCCESS!

Because you have your office set up in the living room, dining room, or just share your office with someone else, you have a unique set of challenges when it comes working efficiently in your home office.  As a Professional Organizer whose had their office in many shared areas within my home, I have you covered on both ends!

I took charge of my business

I created an office space that not only inspires me every time I’m there, but also reminds me that what I’m doing matters.  What I do is contributing not only to my joy, but my family and to the women I want to serve.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work.  Let’s make it easier by working in a space that validates your passions, your movement, and your creative works.

Start Working from Home "With Less Distractions" in a work space that lights you up!

***Limited spots available***

“Payment Plan” options upon request

Total SOS Distraction Cure 

You get the Visual Plan + SOS Distraction Cure Basics + Extended Accountability!  Weekly Calls & Voxer Messages

I Want the Total SOS Cure!


Here is what my clients had to say:



Diane you are AMAZING at organization! My office looks so much better and makes me feel better too, ever since you helped me reorganize it.
Kathleen Kobel
Amazon Business Consultant



I loved working with Diane at Ruth’s Simple Organizing Solutions. She was prompt and put together a great plan in writing and video. She listened to not only my needs but also how my family used the share space. Her plan included cleaning and organizing things so that I was creating a usable desk space. I would highly recommend working with her.
Sondra Brooks-Ray
Virtual Assistant

If you are ready to start . . .

Working more effectively in the time you have allotted

Command the space within another room to create

Not have to stare at you kids toys while you are working

Be a BOSS at what you do

Feel like a success now

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