Home Office Course

for Shared Home Offices


Are you running a business but don’t have a separate room for your home office? 

A home office that not only inspires you but caters to the way you work best. 

Guess what?

You can ABSOLUTELY create one!


Hi I’m Diane!

When I started out on my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t need much.  Just a place to set up a notebook, pens and a laptop.  

Because my kitchen has a command center space, I figured what better place to put my office!  Well I hadn’t anticipated that my family would use my work space as a “regular” kitchen counter.  

They didn’t respect the space and who could blame them.  It’s been a kitchen counter this whole time.

 I decided then that not only did I need my family to take my office space seriously but I was ready to create a space where my business could truly grow.

I finally figured out that I had missed a crucial step.  Through all of the many places my office has been, the issues with the places I was picking weren’t a due to spatial challenges. 

I neglected to nail down my optimal work environment.  

And this is what I want to share with you.

This is what my office is like today:

  • I can now walk to my office and feel motivated to do my work
  • The area is respected as mom’s home office
  • I now have an area that not only inspires me but my family as well
  • I am now surrounded by my inspirational quotes and vision boards . . . not a pile of dishes or my kids toys and clothes
  • I have an area where I feel free to dig deep creatively, while minimizing distractions

Now we all know Pintrest is the mother lode of office inspiration and How To’s.  But there is so much more you need to consider when finding the best place to set up your home office.  

Copying the design of a pretty picture just isn’t going to cut it if you are actually trying to create a space where you can get focused and do what you do best.

You can have this in your own home! 

In this course, you will learn the process to create a shared home office space that you can actually get your work done in.  It’s broken up into four sections:

  • Section I is all about nailing down your non-negotialbles and truly digging into how you best work
  • Section II gives you all the details about different types of home office spaces that you can create in your home or apartment
  • Section III is where you actually find that perfect and productive place in your home to set up your space where massive creativity is going to develop
  • Section IV is where you learn how to set up the physical space of your home office


I designed this course for mom entrepreneurs and side hustlers who don’t have a separate home office in their home.  

Because of this, we have a unique set of challenges when it comes to setting up and keeping a home office organized.  

As a professional organizer whose home office is in the living room, I got you covered on both ends!


Time is one of the things we value most and while we all get the same amount in a day, we all want to spend it in ways that fill us up.  We already have at least one other job, being a MOM, and wouldn’t be here running a business if we didn’t feel passionately about it. 

Start NOW and Raise the vibe of your work space to match the Passion you have

for running your business and serving your people!