Save A Failed Workday

When you work from home, any fluctiation in your families daily schedule can railroad your workday.  The last time this happened to me, I was actually the culprit. Anything from picking up a child from school early for a doctors appointment to a surplise visit by your retired father in law for half the afternoon.  Now if you are sharing a workspace with your living, dining, or kitchen how do you still get your work done when your “optimal time to work” has been disrupted by a flux in the norm of the home.

When you work from home, this will happen more times than you think.  You need an action plan in place for when this happens to you. Because it will.

Take your top priorities from the failed day and do them 1st thing in the morning or whenever you work. 

Every day you work, you should be creating a list of three things that NEED to get done.  Top priorities can be listed and then if you get other stuff done, bonus you go girl! Having the priorities set before you begin work will keep you focused on what absolutely needs to happen and then if nothing else does, you know your are still in good shape for your next work day.

As the day is failing, regroup and focus on priorities.  

You may have been going strong for 3 hours and then bam, wrech thrown in the game and you have to restructure.  This is why it’s important to keep your 3 priorities in mind. Refocus and see where you are with those three tasks.  Have you completed any of them, and what about the amount of time you have left to do your work. Can you finish all three or just two.  Bump whatever priority you have to the next day (depending on how big and heavy that wrench was) and start over. No biggy, life happens keep it moving.

Do one thing before bed.  

You may not be used to working at night but if your schedule has shifted early in the day and you are able to do a priority task (well-if your dog tired, let it go) before bed, this is a great time to catch up.  Typically most of the people in your home are winding down and or have gone to bed. This means you’ll have quiet and no interruptions (hopefully) and get yourself back on tract for the next day.

Why should you try and salvage a failed workday?  Having a failed workday in and of itself is normal and happens to all of us who work from home.  The key is to have your action plan to save it because having many failed work days can lead to a drop in your motivation and beliefs that working from home actually isn’t possible  If you are constantly being tossed into random scheduling events that disrupt your workday, you will never get any consistent work done, meaning consistent action towards moving your business forward.  Don’t loose sight in the possibilities of having and building your dream business.

Try looking at the 3 priorities for the day.  Even when you don’t have schedule disruption. And work on those items first.  Be ahead of the game everyday, so that when the wrench comes you are armed and ready for the shift.


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