Prevent Clutter From Happening

The word “clutter” is used so much by so many of us, it helped to create the professional and idealistic phenomena of minimalism. And while some of us have little to no desire to live simplistically, we can’t help but feel the pressure of our homes clutter and how it can hinder us in some shape or form on a daily basis.

One of the most common issues I hear when people speak of their home office spaces is the constant clutter that continues to build up in that location. Whether the clutter is to your fault or to the family around you doesn’t matter much if you have no clue on how to get rid of it and stay rid of it.

Why is the clutter there to begin with? This is the very first question that you need to answer for yourself and your household. Do you like to keep everything and therefore have a surplus of “stuff” in your home office at any given time? Maybe your office space is right next to the kids homework area and the homework supplies end up on your desk because they don’t have adequate storage for their “stuff”. I could go on and on about the possible scenarios that can cause clutter in ones home. When you get to the root cause of how your clutter is ending up in your office space, you can then decide on how to keep the clutter from coming back.

Keeping the clutter from coming back. So most of us could likely take a few hours or however long it may take to de-clutter our home office spaces. This isn’t the major problem with keeping the office free of clutter. The task of finding ways to keep the clutter from returning will not only have you de-cluttering your space a lot less, but also for shorter periods of time. If you have determined that the kids don’t have adequate space for their homework supplies, then you should focus on resolving that. Or if you determined that the clutter is coming from not knowing what you have on hand, and therefore keep purchasing supplies, you would want to set something in place to stop you from buying before checking your inventory.

Routines that will actually work for you. You can google and Pinterest all day long and find tons of examples of routines that can help you stay organized and clutter free. But the problem with those are the fact that none of those routines are tailored to your lifestyle or household behaviors. You have to examine what you all do on a daily basis and then base the routine off of that. For example, if your family eats dinner at different times of the day, setting up a routine based around clearing the table or washing dishes as soon as dinner is completed doesn’t make much sense for you guys. No matter how unique your family’s daily actions are, you can figure out a routine that works well in your life.

Clutter will distract you, even if not mentally in the moment, having to sift through it to get to your work materials takes time away from your work output. Causing you more time away from what you want to be doing other then getting distracted by your clutter. Now there are people who claim to be able to work in organized chaos or know exactly where the “thing” they are looking for is at in a particular stack of papers. But you are taking time to sort through and find these items. Which is momentarily distracting you from your work.

It’s the end of the first month of a new year and most of us have the urge to purge, and start fresh with better habits. Setting up a clutter free home office should be a top priority for us entrepreneurs. If you are stuck on how you can create new routines for your family or want some ideas on keeping your clutter from coming back, set up a call and we’ll work through it together.

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