Preparing Your Home and Office For Visitors

So you are hosting the holidays this season!  Or maybe just a few guest are coming to stay with you and heading over to grandma’s house for the actually food and festivities.  Regardless of the capacity that the family is coming to stay with you, you have to prepare your home office space for the visitors.  Because you work in the common area of your home, this area can be bombarded by schedule shifts, new distractions, and or become the sleeping quarters for your guest.  

Whatever the case may be, start preparing your work environment for the guests now, so that you can continue to work distraction free and comfortably in your home.  

Protect your equipment from littles

For those of us who have curious little people in our homes already, we have probably implemented the necessary precautions for keeping both kids and work equipment safe.  If not, you need to take into consideration the house guest that will be coming to stay with you. Even if there are no toddlers coming to stay, what about tweens? Did you want to allow them to use your work space to play online, or is that going to be off limits.  Think about what boundaries may need to be set before your guest come, so that the ground rules can be set and understood.

Store items away that won’t get used during their stay  

Video equipment can be expensive and or take up significant space.  You may need more area for your family to enjoy and hang out it. Start looking for places to relocate things like backdrops, large easels or other crafting materials.  The likelihood that you will be painting a masterpiece and or recording your signature course while family is visiting is slim. Get that stuff out of your primary work space and return when your guests go home.  

Check out last weeks blog post on creating a “mobile office”

I went over many ways to travel with your essential work space items so so that you can work in auxiliary locations.  This can apply to your home as well in the event that you can’t work like normal with the house guests that you have over.  

You may have not thought about house guests being a potential block for your workday.  The bottom line is that other people in the home will add to the disruptions and overall people flow dynamic of the space.  If you typically work super early in the morning while most of your family is sleeping, you may have a newborn coming to visit that never sleeps or another early riser thinking it’s time to socialize.  This can impact your working environment. Think about the people that you have coming to visit so that you can anticipate the possible new distractions.

Need to see what’s coming down the pike as far as possible distractions in your work space during the holidays?  Take the quiz to find out what your biggest distraction is these days. The answer may surprise you, but also have you well on your way to figuring out the best ways for you to manage them.

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