Organize Your Office In 3 Easy Steps

If you are finding that you are needing to re-organize your home office often, maybe you need to do a clean sweep and start from scratch. Now you may be thinking, this girl is crazy, does she know how much stuff I have in my office. I get it. Work through this post on paper first, and see what can be removed from the immediate work space and see how that feels first.

Bare bones what do you need to work. For most of us, this is a computer. And that could literally be it. Then we have out pen and paper peeps and let’s not forget the entrepreneurs who still need to have paperwork for their clients. Whatever you need to work and do what you do on a daily basis, write that down even though the list will likely be really small. Now we will split that list into two different sections.

Assemble what you work with all day long near you and on your desktop. Doing this will save you time (seconds throughout the day) on reaching, finding, and going to get. Now if you have a small desk top you will have to get creative on what and how you store these items, but there are tons of space saving desktop organizers in stores an online. Keeping these items near you will also yield a smoother more productive work day for you. No having to get distracted by what you need but don’t have at arms reach.

Other essential items store slightly further away. This can be a shelf above your desk, a bookcase, or even a desk drawer. The items that you don’t work as often throughout the day are items you can reach for less. We do this to keep the space clear for you to work and focus on the tasks at hand, not the stuff that can get in the way of what you are currently working on.

Now you may be wondering what to do with all that other stuff in your home office. You can place anything decorative in your office as you wish. Remember the more you add to the office the bigger potential you have for the office to look and feel more cluttered. The main goal is to have an office that you can do your work in, and being inspired is totally a part of that. Just not at the expense of your productivity.

Are you having some challenges on how to organize your office space still and want to talk through some ways to work around items you use seldom but love, schedule a free call here and we’ll work through this together!

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