The Real Way to Organize Catchall Rooms in Your Home

How many times have you tried to organize catchall rooms in your home?  Maybe you’ve even had someone come in and help you or took a course you found on FB.  While these resources are likely helpful in getting rid of the clutter momentarily, there are key factors that most people miss.  Here’s the real way to organize catchall rooms in your home.

Organize Catchall Rooms with a Home Office Audit

Giving your home office space a complete assessment sets the entire process up for success!  You’ll want to start here versus where most people start (immediately at the declutter/organizing phase).  So start by Asking Questions + Getting Clear Answers.  This is where you get clear on what is in the space and how it’s getting there.  This step is crucial to creating smart storage decisions and routines that are going to be simple to implement.

The next step is to State Your Desires.  In order to keep going when it gets hard, having your desires for the space is what you’ll rely on in those tough moments when it seems like you have a mountain to climb still.  Then you’ll Pick Your Plan of attack for the project.  Everyone has different challenges with their space, so you’ll be picking the Simple Organizing Solutions Plan that’s right for you!

Clear Space to Create

This is the phase where most people begin their project.  Decluttering is what most people are familiar with, but there are challenges that come up with particular items or groups of items.  There are tools you can use to help you make decisions quicker, getting you to your dream home office faster!  Then you’ll move onto the Organize step. 

Before you go out and buy a bunch of bins or pretty office supplies, you must have an idea of how you are going to use the things in your office.  Buying smart storage is one of the keys to keeping your space organized.  So when you begin to Assemble the room back together,  you have all of your items sorted and categorized  with storage, you can then assemble the office.

Organize Catchall Rooms and Heal Those Habits​

The final stage of this process is to Create Routines around the previous trouble spots in the room.  While some thrive with a strict routine, others may need a free-flowing way of doing things but with consistency. Most often, this only requires a small tweak in what you are currently doing, so you can create a routine that makes sense for you.

Then you want to spend some time Implementing routine.  Start living your life in your new office space, but make note of what’s working and what’s not.  This can take you a week or several.  You’ll start seeing what’s really working and what’s not.  Tweak + Repeat once you have data on what’s working and what’s not, and make some slight changes and then implement again.

Go from Overwhelmed to Organized

While this framework for organizing the catchall areas of your home may seem complex, it’s actually not!  I created the Overwhelmed to Organized course (which teaches this exact framework step by step) that shows you how to clear clutter from your home office and surrounding areas, so that the clutter doesn’t return.  It’s designed to create more space in your office, remove the constant distraction of clutter from your workspace, and create an environment that leads to you taking more inspired action in your business!  

This course is different from other home organization courses as it is rooted in determining the cause of the consistent clutter and giving you the tools to create a life where you are no longer overwhelmed with stuff just hanging around and in your workspace.  Grab a spot here as space is limited!

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