Organize a Desk Without Drawers

Creating storage options when you are trying to organize a desk without drawers can be a challenge.  It’s the easiest place to tuck items away and the best place to have things you use consistently close by and easy reach.  But what happens when you switch from a desk with drawers to one without?  Or maybe you are creating your workspace without drawers space to begin with.  Here’s how you can buy a desk without drawers and have confidence that your workspace won’t look a mess.

Take Inventory to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

The first step to take when you organize a desk without drawers is to take inventory of what items are in your current desk drawers if you are switching desks.  Think about everything you will need to re-home or any new materials you would want to purchase with having this new furniture in your workspace.  Create a list of the general amounts and sizes of these items and save any desk drawer organizers for the new spot in the office.  It’s important that you think about this step first, as you will likely have to locate smaller storage solutions that fit within the new storage location.

Find Storage Close By

Start looking for a place to put the items that once resided in your desk drawer.  Because your desk drawer used to be the primary work zone, you’ll be looking for areas that are close to your desk.  Think about it!  You don’t want to walk 5 steps away every time you want to grab a pen.  This can be a bookshelf or shelving above a desk that is wall-mounted.  You could also use something with wheels that can be rolled over to the desk while working like a rolling cart or set of drawers on wheels.  

Having a multipurpose desktop organizer can also be a great option if it allows for the desk space you need to work.  While these organizers can be specified for certain things like notebooks, you could add additional storage to the organizer to further customize it for your needs.  For example, you can have a container for pens that sits in one of the slots made for notebooks.  This works for horizontal or vertical storage.

Use Small Storage Containers

Choose smaller storage options based on how often you access the items and what will fit in or on the storage location that you’ve chosen.  For example, maybe you’ll use a small box to hold writing utensils and sit the box on your desk while working.  You could also keep the desk drawer dividers and use them in a larger storage container near the desk.  Maybe you’ll have pen cups or jars to hold items on a rolling cartBe sure to take into consideration how often you need to access these items and if you need to visually see them as well.  This will help you when looking for things to organize your desk without drawers.

Case Study

Recently I was faced with buying a new desk and chose one without drawers, even though all my previous ones had drawer space.  There needed to be storage near the new desk so I used boxes to hold my old drawer items.  I liked the idea of boxes that you can’t see through because I have small children that would love nothing more than to play with pens, paper clips, and the list goes on. 

So I added the items I use less often in a large box on the bottom of the bookshelf and used smaller boxes that I can sit on my desk when I’m working for longer periods of time.  I also have a pencil box on my desktop organizer that holds my laptop pen and writing utensils I use often.  This allows me to have my items at arms reach and not worry about the kids seeing the items and going Picaso on the walls.

Want more ideas on your specific workspace?  Hop on a FREE strategy call with me and we’ll come up with ideas that will work for you too!

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