Optimizing A Creative Workspace and Workstation

The world was left with having to find a  creative workspace and workstation earlier this year and a lot of us are still in need.  Whether you are still working from home due to the health crisis or you are an entrepreneur and needing to adjust because your kids are schooling at home.  Being able to optimize the space you have had become essential during this time and may continue to trend in this direction.  Learn my 5 steps for optimizing a creative workspace and workstation for your home.

Creative Workspace and Workstation

Step one: Start with the basics

When you are looking to optimize your creative workspace and workstation, consider the basics.  What is absolutely necessary for you to do the work you do.  For most of us that includes a computer or laptop, maybe something to write with, or some tech that is essential to your process.  This short list should be the focus of your creative workspace and workstation as you can’t do your work without it.

Step two: Clear your space to create

Having a clear desktop will allow for you to have space to work.  Think how much easier it would be if you don’t have to push that stack of papers around on your desk every time you pull out a notebook to jot something down, or need to set up the mic for your next zoom call.  Having the desk or table cleared when you are starting your workday will save you time and energy throughout the day.

Step three: Maximize the space you have

Depending on the desk you have or square footage you are working in, you will have different ways to optimizing your creative workspace and workstation.  You may need to save on desktop space and add storage to the wall above your desk due to limited square footage.  Or you could be working at a command center in your kitchen and only have closed cabinets for places to store your workplace items.  Utilizing what you have available to you.

Step four: Chose a place for auxiliary workspace storage

This could be something as small as a place to store extra writing utensils to an entire filing system.  Place whatever you don’t need on a daily basis in a location that doesn’t take up space for your essential items.  For example, if you have a large printer, you wouldn’t have an optimized creative workspace and workstation by sitting the printer on your medium sized desk.

Step five: Shop for storage last when optimizing a creative workspace and workstation

When you have put your creative workspace and workstation together or have decluttered and are now putting it back together, wait to buy storage when you have completed the process.  What can happen is you find storage you like, but actually don’t end up needing.  Storage itself can become clutter too!  When you have solidified what is staying in your workspace and how you need access to it, that is when you shop for storage.

Once you have completed optimizing a creative workspace and workstation

Having an optimized creative workspace and workstation not only helps your workday go smoothly, but it also helps you feel better about sitting down and getting to work.  To know that you don’t have to spend time decluttering your workspace or figuring out where that contract is that needs to be sent by 10am, completely frees up your mental space to create!

If you’re having trouble figuring out what kind of storage to buy, I created a FREE Storage Guide that walks you through what you need to consider before buying storage for your home and office!

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