Home Office Organization

Mini Audit

Any of these ringing some bells for you:

  • You’re a mom and don’t have all day to work on your biz
  • Can’t figure out how to configure your office within another room
  • Need a new office space but have “nowhere” to put it
  • So distracted in your shared office space, you can’t get any work done
  • Clutter is everywhere and it’s really hard to focus

If so . . . I have something for you!

How would it feel to . . . 

  • Work more effectively in the time you have alotted
  • Command the space within another room to Create
  • Not have to stare at your kids toys while you are working


This is perfect for you if

You are sharing your office space out of necessity

You aren’t sure how to arrange your office to best fit the space

While working in a clutter free zone and 

Actually get some work done!


“Because you have your office set up in the living room, dining room, or just share your office with someone else, you have a unique set of challenges when it comes working efficiently in your home office.  As a professional organizer whose had their office in many shared areas within my home, I have you covered on both ends!

Mini Audit Includes:

Action Plan

Key action steps that will guide you in getting your office in tip top shape

Easy to follow outline, in sequential order so you don’t have to back track

Video Instruction

Comprehensive video instruction to accompany the “Action Plan”

Extra details, organizer insights, and Pro Tips

Visuals to guide you in where exactly to put what items

For ONLY a $97 investment, you can have relief
from your current home office challenges in just 5 DAYS!

Still curious about the process?

A Welcome Letter will be sent to you with a few questions regarding your space and instructions on what to send to me.


I may have some clarifying questions on the information from the Welcome Letter items, and once those are addressed I can complete your report.

You will need to leave your email address in the “Order Notes” under “Additional Information” when checking out for back and forth communication.

Your Client Report will be sent to the email address provided and will include all of the items described above.

Your completed project report will be sent to you within 5 days upon receiving payment.  At that point you can start immediately on fixing your home office space.