Kids Craft Box

We typically have all kinds of toys and crafts for our kids to play with and use.  From Leggos, to finger paint, we can’t just slap everything in a play area and say, “Go for it!”  It’s essential to my sanity to keep some items out of reach.  If not we will surely have art work on the walls courtesy of the toddler.  I needed a craft box.

I put everything she tends to destroy, or things that would color my walls in an empty diaper box.

Diaper Box

This worked as far as keeping the items out of reach, but I never bothered to section the box off, or even have a designated place to keep the box itself.  I would just push it from room to room where it eventually found its home on top of the washing machine (ridiculous . . . I know).

While challenged with creating a way to section off the big box, so I could actually find what I needed when we wanted a workbook, puzzle, or game with many pieces, I came up with something finally.

I was sitting in my office yesterday morning, and my gaze dropped onto my magazine holders.  I figured I could do that with the craft box.

My daughter isn’t in school yet, so we have tons of activity books, and books for her to practice writing and learning her letters and numbers.

Here are the items that reside in the craft box:

  • Activity and coloring books
  • Puzzles
  • Flash cards
  • Glue
  • Finger Paint
  • Pencils, Color Pencils, Crayons, and Scissors


I created separation using some cereal boxes, old formula containers, and decorative duct tape.  I plan to cover the outside of the box (probably just brown wrapping paper and have my daughter decorate it herself).  And if that never happens, (me remembering to buy the paper) I actually have space for these boxes to sit in my laundry room storage cabinets.  So they won’t be on display.


Not only do you get a sneak peak of my sons lil legs (he refused to move out of the picture), I had all the materials already.  Not free because I did pay for this stuff at some point, but I definitely reused some items that would have otherwise just gone into the trash.  Here is another way to use old diaper boxes for organization.

What do you do with craft and activity items that you don’t want you kids to get to without an adult?



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