Inspiration Is Essential for Your Business

Working from home is a grind I never knew existed until a few years ago.  I just thought people sit in front of their computers and did their work and got paid.  Actually having my own business now, I see there are so many levels to this shit. Ups, downs, wins, not so much of a win.  This is hard. And making this entrepreneurial life easier can be a challenge.

A good way to keep the momentum going on hard days is to create beauty and inspiration around you.  It will be more difficult to stay stuck in the “hard” feelings of the grind, and lift you out into the light.

Days when you need a push to keep going.  Being an entrepreneur is super hard. There are times when you feel like you completely suck and no one will pay you dime for what you do.  Well when you are feeling like that, it helps to have your favorite motivational quotes on the wall to keep you going. Or even a picture of your kids to remind you of why you are working so damn hard in the first place.

Motivation.  This can mean a variety of things.  What gets you up in the morning ready to crank out content?  How do you stay in the mindset of making a difference for you audience?  What motivates you to be the go to person in your field? Without motivation it’s a wonder how any of us get anything done.  

See the beauty around you.  Having a beautiful work space for you to work in may not seem essential to you, but it is.  Picture working in front of a window, and on the other side of that is poverty, destruction, and dysfunction.  How is that going to help you do what you do? It may motivate you, but does that inspire you? Have “things” around you that you believe are beautiful.  This could be a word on a piece of paper, or something your child made for you at school, or a symbol representing your core values and mission. There is so much in this world to be afraid of, or sad about.  Let the light shine in your work space.

Is a pretty font quote going to make all that is wrong in your business right?  No, but it will shed a bit of light on the fact that you can do this! You are capable of tripling your income, and supporting your family from home.  

What motivates you in your office space?  Or do you leave the home for motivation and inspiration?

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