How to Set Up An Efficient Home Office

Want to know how to set up an efficient home office?  This 3 step method will have everything you need at your fingertips and everything you don’t, strategically placed so that when you do need it, it’s super easy to get to!

I created this handy graphic to show you the three zones of office equipment and supplies to show you how to set up an efficient home office.  This method doesn’t apply to inspiration as those items should be placed in locations that inspire you!  I do recommend that you go through the essential office items that you need first, and then add in inspiration where it fits.

How to Set Up An Efficient Home Office

A primary workspace is required to set up an efficient home office

The primary workspace is where you will put all of your “I work with this every single day, all day” type of items.  So this likely looks like a computer maybe some writing utensils, or even planners and notebooks.  This also is specific to you as an individual.  Are you all digital and have certain tech items that need to live in the primary work zone, or maybe you are a creative and a laptop isn’t actually needed for the bulk of your workday.  Whatever these items are for you, they should sit on your actual desk or table and then in the drawer space if the desk has them.  This allows you to have quick access to what you need most which leads to more effective workflow throughout the day.

A secondary workspace is required to set up an efficient home office

The secondary workspace is where you have items that you need nearby but not all day everyday.  For you, this could look like reference books in a bookcase near your desk, or a shelving unit above.  You want to have easy access to these items but they don’t need to take up prime real estate in your office.  Your actual desk and whatever storage is within is your prime real estate.  So the secondary area could also be a file cabinet nearby, rolling cart off to the side of your desk, or some other storage unit that is off to the side.

A tertiary workspace is required to set up an efficient home office

The tertiary work space is where you have items that you need but seldomly.  This may be back stock of paper for your printer, extra packs of pens or notebooks, maybe it’s lighting or audio equipment that you only use once a month when creating video content.  This could be literally anything that you only pull out every so often.  You can put these items further  away from your workspace.  They could be in a closet across the room.  Or even  in a cabinet of the media console in your living room.  The point is, they don’t need to be in your immediate workspace unless you have plenty of room surrounding your primary and secondary areas.

Knowing how to set up an efficient home office not only helps you keep items in the best placement possible, but also allows for maximizing the space you have.  Most people with a shared home office space don’t have a bunch of space to spread their office out in.  More often than not, it’s restricted by other functions of the room.  So starting out with this bare bones way of creating an office space, then adding in what inspires you will allow you to work efficiently in your shared home office space.

If you are thinking you have way too much stuff to try this method of creating a new office space for yourself, hop on a FREE call with me and I can help you 1:1 figure it out! 

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