How to Organize Clutter According to Project Size

Getting started is often the hardest part of organizing a room.  Knowing how to organize clutter according to project size will help you get started quickly and stay motivated throughout the process.  While some people may need to organize a closet in the hall, sometimes we’ll have larger projects like an entire garage that’s been ignored for months.  Let’s talk about what type of projects you may have and how to get started easily!

How to Organize Clutter According to Project Size

The fist plan that will show you how to organize clutter according to project size is the Quick Win Plan.  This is helpful when you have a long road ahead and you need to keep the momentum going through the process.  This means you’ll start with the easiest part of the room to organize.  Once that part is done, then you can move on to the next easiest section.  The Quick Win can be easy in the time it would take for you to clear the clutter or decision making.  Some items that you’ll be sorting through will be easy to determine what stays and goes.

Essentials Plan Helps You Regain Use of Your Space

The next plan that I use with clients is the Essential Plan.  This is when you will start with what needs to be cleared first.  Maybe you are clearing the clutter from a bedroom and you need to have access to the bed for sleeping.  The room can’t currently function the way it’s supposed to and you need to organize certain aspects of it first.  Another example, if you are a seamstress you would need your sewing table cleared before working through organizing fabrics or supplies.

Larger Projects

The final method that is the most useful for really large projects, is the First Look Method.  This means that the first spot you see when you enter the room is where you would start organizing.  If you have a larger scale project or you don’t have much space in the room to sort and declutter and the majority of the room needs to be cleared, you can start at the beginning or the front of the room and work your way in.  

Having an idea on where to start organizing will alleviate the feeling of overwhelm about the size of the project or concerns with how long it may take.  Use these methods for sections of the room and get some quick wins or the essential areas in the room cleared so you can start using this space in your home now.  If you are still unsure about what method or plan is right for your organizing project in your home, hop on a free strategy call and I can give you the action steps needed to move your project from the idea phase to actually enjoying that newly cleared space in your home.

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