How To Maximize Home Office Space

When you have a shared home office space, learning how to maximize your home office space is key to working efficiently while saving valuable space in the common areas of the home.  Lot’s of us didn’t set out to own a business before we purchased a home, but have since been tasked with creating a workspace with the area we have.  I am giving you simple solutions on how to maximize the space you have in your home office, regardless of how big or small!

First Step To Maximize Home Office Space

The first step, if you want to maximize your home office space, is to figure out what your absolute necessities are.  Think bare bones here.  What do you use every single day?  What are you grabbing and reaching for throughout your workday?  These are the items that need to be in your home office.  Regardless of how big or small of a space you have, if these items aren’t accessible, you can’t do your work. 

Once you bring in all of the necessities that will allow you to go through your workday smoothly, then you want to bring in the items you love and that inspire you to keep you going.  Being inspired in your workspace is just as important as the actual work you are doing.  Starting here allows you to have room for your must-haves and be in the position to bring in items that you love afterward.  

Next Step To Maximize Home Office Space

The next step in figuring out how to maximize your home office space is to look at your space and see where you have the advantage.  This will look different for everyone but think about directional space.  Is your home office really long?  Maybe you’ve gotten set up in a walk-in closet or a small hallway in your home.  You can use longer furniture pieces to maximize the length of the room.  This could look like a long desk unit with built-in drawers or shelving.  You could also find storage that can be lined up next to each other to make use of the horizontal space.

Maybe you only have a room for a desk in your home office area.  In this case, you’ll want to use all the space you can above the desk and below to organize your items.  This could look like wall-mounted shelving or a desk that has vertically placed shelving within the unit.  You could also make sure your desk has drawers or a place to slide drawers underneath.  This gives you storage options without spreading out past where your home office is relegated to.

Unconventional Step To Maximize Home Office Space

When you need to maximize your home office space and you are currently working in a shared office space, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your storage capacity.    Look at the areas around you to discover where you could spread out to.  If you are working in your living room, is there a nearby cabinet or media console that has room for a few office materials?  

Maybe a bookcase that is holding living room decor, can you add a decorative box with some of your office items inside?  If you are working in a guest bedroom, you could use a dresser drawer for extra storage if needed.  While these ideas may not sync up with a typical office you’d see on Pinterest, it will however keep your office supplies nearby.  

Once you start placing those items and set them up according to the Efficient Home Office Set-up framework you can ensure that you’ll have the items you absolutely need in your home office space.  Working with the square footage that you have and really seeing where you have the advantage, is going to be key to creating an office space that is both efficient and maximized for the space you are working with. 

If this article has left you with more questions than answers, hope on a FREE strategy call where I will give you specific action steps to creating a maximized office in your home.  
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