How To Manage Your Holiday Work Schedule

We are right in the thick of planning and prospecting on where to go for the holidays!  Have you figured out where your family will be spending the day? What about taking time off to enjoy said family?  We don’t do a whole lot, but there is definitely a dinner or two that we will likely engage in or house to visit. And like most of us, we won’t be working as much as if it were a regular week.  

So how have you prepared for the shorted time you will have to work if you are going to work at all?  When you have a shared home office one of the most important times that you work in your office would be the “quiet time” of the day.  Let’s talk about how to maximize and prioritize that part of your day so that you can enjoy the holidays and not miss out on any work you need to accomplish.

Quiet Time

When traveling to see family or having family over for a visit, you could end up with less quiet time, which may mean less time to work.  What does or will that look like for you? I only have about 6 hours of quiet time each week to work, and my other time is spent with my very energetic and so not quiet 3 year old.  Because my quiet time happens at 4 am two days a week, this won’t be affected by the holidays. Most everyone in my home is still sleep and even so with house guests, because of where my office is.  So this won’t affect me much.

But what if your quiet time is the time that your 6 year old is in school.  They will definitely be out for winter break and what will you do during that time?  Can you plan for a sitter one day a week, or some activity that the kids can do while you work like an indoor play area  or play date at someone else’s home?

If your quiet time will be interrupted by adults that are staying over you can adjust your schedule to accommodate the daily activities.  This may cause you to work later in the day or earlier in the morning. Be sure to get the priorities done first thing during the quiet time that you have.  This is what I recommend normally but will be critical during the holidays. There is so much going on, and people dropping by, you want to be sure your most important items have been checked off before the day escapes you.

Schedule Adjustments

Some people may not be productive or creative at 4 am, but that’s the only time they can work when the holidays roll around.  I encourage you to find at least one day where you can work at your absolute most optimum time. This may involve a family member minding the kids for a couple of hours.  Or a trip outside of your house while your guest stay there and relax.

This gives you at least one day where you are working in your zone of genius.  For the rest of the week, do what you can. Batch your work in the weeks before the holidays arrive and have some content, and projects all ready to release while you are on your adjusted schedule.   Remember this is just temporary but you want to be prepared for whatever is to come so that you can enjoy everyone during the holidays.

Not sure what your holiday house is going to look like, or be like with the random guests that may drop by?  Take the quiz to find out what your biggest distraction is these days. The answer may surprise your, but also have you well on your way to figuring out the best ways for you to manage them.  

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