How To Make A Cereal Box Storage Unit

Now when you think about sitting down for a nice big bowl of Fruit Loops (or insert favorite cereal here), I know cereal box storage unit is likely the furthest thing from your mind.  But finding a new way to reuse items that would otherwise be tossed in the garbage not only helps the environment, but you save money too.  One of my favorite ways to re-purpose items is to use things I buy from the grocery store.  While there are so many items that we purchase that can be used for storing other things, the most common item used to organize with is a box or a bin.

Cereal Box Storage Unit

We all have some sort of Tupperware collection, or other containers that they use for food storage. Instead of buying Tupperware, I typically use the containers from food I buy at the grocery store.  I have several of the pre-packaged deli meats container, butter, sour cream, yogurt, you name it, I have saved it.

Well, all these containers have lids.  I had found a storage solution that worked previously, until I acquired more “storage containers”.  In efforts to expand on my current solution, I made it bigger, better, and prettier cereal box storage unit.  The best part about this cereal box genius (besides the fact that if you already buy cereal, or anything else that comes in a box you likely already have everything you need to make this) is that you can store other stuff in it to.

  • Sort incoming mail in your home
  • Use for sorting school papers that need to be signed.
  • A filing system for your home office
  • Stack baby bottles horizontally and attach a basket to the top for the nipples and rings
  • Hot Wheels garage or display unit
Possibilities are endless people, and supper cheap!

Click here if you want the full tutorial on the cereal box storage unit (PDF)

-Included are pro tips on how to make this PLUS, pics of my Coffee/Tea Organizer and Office Organizer All from re-purposed boxes

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