How To Buy Storage Ideas For New House

Whether you have found your dream home, or just ready to look for a new home/apartment to rent, one of the first things we do after a move is take note of the storage ideas for the new house.  We all have stuff that needs to be organized or put in a way where we can access what we need quickly or keep things tucked away safely.  Figuring out what to buy can be fun, shopping online or in the stores for what looks good, and blends with the vibe of the home.  But when you start the buying process immediately, you miss the opportunity to find out exactly what you need and how to save money and time doing it.

How To Buy Storage Ideas For New House

Get those boxes where they belong ASAP

One of the first things I do after a move is throw the moving boxes in the general location of where those items will be used.  If you don’t have movers that are bringing in the boxes, try and put boxes in the location they will be used in (this will be one less thing to do later when you are exhausted)!  Sometimes you may have straggler boxes that ended up in the wrong room, and these need to be put in the location they’ll be used in as well when you find out.  Having the boxes in their general location,  allows you to work on rooms or sections of rooms at a time.  For example, you could work on a kids room one day and part of the living room the next without having to disrupt the entire home with what you are unpacking.

Live in your space for a bit

Once you are all moved in, before you start looking for storage ideas for the new house, you’ll want to start living your life and adjust to the new surroundings.  In your previous home you may have needed entryway storage and the new place may have an awkward entrance and your old set up won’t work.  Take note of needs as you are going through the day and prioritize what would be most helpful/impactful to you and your family.  Going straight into design mode at this point could potentially be a waste of time, as you may need to use function over fashion depending on what the area is needed for.

Find what’s working before coming up with storage ideas for the new house

Find what’s working and what could be helpful before coming up with storage ideas for the new house.  As you are making use of your old organizational habits and products in your new space, what’s working and what’s not?  Maybe your bathroom storage is perfect for this space too, or maybe you need to buy more to adequately divide up the items through more than one bathroom.  

When you find what works, use what you got

Once you see what’s working and what’s not, facilitate these things and use what you have around the house.  Use what you have on hand to make the necessary changes.  So If you have deep cabinets, maybe you need storage that can pull items in and out of a shelf so that you can easily see what you are working with.  Use what you have, maybe a bin that used to be used for holding trash bags, and hold the pantry items in there.  This step is going to save you money and time on possibly buying the wrong products for your space.  When you see that it’s working you move onto buying the permanent option.

Start buying storage ideas for the new house

Now it’s time to start buying the storage ideas for the new house!  Find the style that you want but has the function that you need.  Start creating a list of items you need to purchase and look online for ideas on where to get them.  I usually look around at a few stores online and then decide what makes sense for the space and what I want to spend.  This is where you look at what you want your home to look and feel like and find items to curate that vision in your home.

Too much work upfront?

You may think this is a waste of time and that you could just buy the storage outright and take back what you don’t need.  This can be true for some.  But how many times have you said you were going to take back an item but actually never did.  That thing was still sitting in your garage when you moved to this new home.  Having the extra storage around IS INDEED clutter in itself.  Bringing in what you actually need and focusing on the function of the space before the style, will save you time and money.  And who could use some more money?  If you found this information helpful, but want your own handy guide on picking the best storage for any organizing project, grab my guide here.

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