Home Office Solutions for Tight Spaces

Starting out when I turned 18, I used to move from apartment to studio, to back home, then with roommates.  I did it all.  About every year when my lease was up, I moved and was in a new, fresh environment. And with all of these places to live, I had to make my “stuff” fit into the spaces.  Back then, I didn’t own a business, but the desk I’m actually working on right now has traveled through the years with me since my very first apartment I rented on my own. It was left there from the previous tenant and I used it as my desk for college and now for my business.  

Clearly quality made, as it has lasted through so many moves throughout the years.  But also the perfect size for small spaces. I lucked out by this item having been given to me.  And you can luck out too. Whether its’ a piece of furniture from another room, or family member is getting rid of some stuff, you can find a space saving signature piece for your home office too.

Buy something or borrow from another room.  

The easiest way to furnish your office is to walk around your home and shop around.  You may have a night stand that you can put under your desk to give you more storage and save space at the same time.  Maybe you never thought about having an old TV stand serve as your bookcase or auxiliary storage unit. The options are likely endless, you just need to keep an open mind and think about how you can reuse what you have that will fit in your tight space.

Dual purpose (dining room table + desk).  

Using the same item for two purposes always saves you space.  If you use your dining room as your work space, you can have rolling carts off to the side of the room that store your work supplies and pull them out when needed.  Then when it’s time to eat, you can go an do that. You won’t be taking up space in the dining areas with another desk, just a few rolling carts or set of drawers.

Space saving office equipment.  

Computers and lap tops are typically more compact these days, so the technology has helped us save space already.  But what about desks? There are so many compact desks options, even wall mounted and pop down work spaces that you can have now, and there are actually fairly cheap.  You don’t have to sacrifice on the having a work space just because you have a tight space.

Even though your living situation may be more permanent or not, you still want to focus on creating space that is yours.  You want to have a place of your own to work in even if its small and mighty. Your mindset when you go to your work space is what actually matters here.  If you aren’t feeling like the CEO of your company your clients or potential buyers will feel that too.

Shop around your house, take some measurements, take inventory of what peices you actually need to be able to do your work.  Shop around to your family and friends, “does anyone have a night stand that they are getting rid of”? No big deal, shop online for space saving office equipement, start saving some $$$ and buy that bad boy.  You can do this and love your small and mighty workspace.

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