Here’s A Quick Way to Figure Out What Time of Day To Work

We all have a unique schedule surrounding our family’s activities, responsibilities, and family make up.  So there is never going to be a set way for you to set up a time to work that comes from someone else.  You must look at two main things that will make or break your allotted work time.

What times are available to you?  This means depending on what your family’s needs are, you would want to work around them.  Here are some typical examples of potential work time frames:

  • Kids at home (not school age) work while they are sleeping
  • Side hustling–work after or before you head into your 9-5
  • Work nights outside of the home–sleep during the day and work either before or after your 9-5
  • Kids in school—work while they are in school

Now, I know most of our schedules have a few wild cards in the mix, right?  This is why there is no set way to plan a work schedule that suits every single person.  Before we break that down any further, let’s find out when you want to work.

Time of genius—when do you put out your best, focused work

Batching—maybe you can’t fit a whole work day in, but you can batch tasks

Days of the week—if you work another job, you may only have weekends available to you

Combine the two

This is the tricky part.  The goal is to get into that sweet spot between when you CAN work and WANT to work.  Do you see it already?

So what happens if I don’t have a sweet spot?

A little bit of give and a lotta bit of grace.

You may have your hours of genius at 1 am in the morning but will miss out on time spent with your significant other.  I FEEL your pain, this is a factor in my home.  You absolutely need to spend time with them, so don’t work every single night.  If you are in the midst of a launch and have to do more days out of the week than normal, be sure to talk with your loved ones and know it’s not going to be like this forever.

Maybe you sleep during the day, and when you wake up your kids are now home from school.  You probably want to try and squeeze your work into the morning hours before you go to bed.  Being engaged with your kids when they get home from school is key.  They miss you (hopefully lol) and you’ll want to talk about their day and spend that time.

Little one’s home all day, self-play is your best tool when you absolutely must work around your kids.  Teach your child how to play by themselves and take breaks every so often (you are a better judge of how often, it’s your little person).  When you are taking breaks, show them how to use a new toy or activity and really enjoy the moment.  And if you have a second parent working from home, take shifts with the little ones.  This works well.

Regardless of how you chose your work time, know that if it’s not your “time of genius” then you shouldn’t be doing work that requires a higher level of focus.  Save that work for the days when you can work during your time of genius.

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