Entry Dump Zone To Zen Office Space

The entryway of a home can be a magnet for clutter and disarray if you don’t have the proper organizational structures in place.  That’s exactly what happened when my home office became the entry dump zone.  I had my home office set up in the dining room.  This was the first place we were able to sit items down as we entered the home through the kitchen.  We all found it super convenient to drop our stuff on the dining room table as we settled into the home and lived like that for some time.  It wasn’t until a few kids later and I needed to create a home office that it became a major problem.  Anytime I’d try to work I’d end up having to clean up the area because I can’t focus around clutter.

Entry dump zone

Entry Dump Zone Dilemma

In order to solve the entry dump zone dilemma, I started out by assessing what kept ending up in the dining room.  It wasn’t enough to keep clearing the area and move things around, I had to dig into why the specific items kept showing up in this location.  After taking inventory of what was ending up there, I discovered the issue with the dining room becoming the entry dump zone of the home was that we didn’t have  a traditional entryway for the home.  So this became the natural place to put coats, shoes, bookbags and purses.

Taking inventory

Once I took stock of what was there, I had to find new places for these items as they never really had a home.  The closets for all family members were at the other end of the home or upstairs and the shoes and coats never made it there.  So finding a solution that made sense for our existing habits but also incorporated the structure I needed around the dining space was crucial to clearing up the entry dump zone.

Organizing the dump zone

I designated some space for the shoes and coats to go in the dining room. To place these items anywhere else would go against the grain and hinder the ease of actually putting the items where they belonged.  I created dump zones for the kids items that ended up in this location and made them empty the bins when they were filled.  This gave me the peace of mind in my office to get rid of any stragglers and not spend priceless minutes out of my workday cleaning up after everyone.  Just drop the item in their bucket and be done

There's still hope

I believe that when your home office becomes the entry dump zone of the home you have two options.  You can keep allowing the mess to pile up in your space or you can take action and set boundaries.  Creating new routines and implementing physical constructs for your family can be easy and is possible.  It may take you dumping their stuff in a basket and tossing it on their bed at the end of the week for them to get it.  But if you are consistent and stand up for your workspace, you can walk over to your office without overwhelm and psyched for your workday!

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