Decorating Your Home + Office For The Holiday

Probably one of the most fun things you can do as a family for the holidays.  Or maybe you all don’t decorate at all. Whatever the case may be, how do you incorporate that into the aesthetic of your home office.


Are the holiday decorations going to get in the way of your office and background?  Do you do video content for your audience? Is this content going to be evergreen? If so you don’t want Christmas decorations in the background of your video that will be launched in Summer.  Take this into consideration when batching what work you will do and when you will get this done before the decorations go up.

Wall Office Organization

Are you used to seeing your vision board and organization materials on the walls of your home office?  What are you going to do with that stuff when the decorations go up? If you’re concerned about the look of the home during the holidays and want to get rid of the officy feel and bring in more holiday, you can temporarily take that stuff down.  Take photos of what you need to still see while working and keep that photo as a screen saver or wallpaper on your computer. This way you can still see your whiteboard but can also move the organizational materials out of the way.

Have your office join the fun

If you are all about the holidays, and want to dress up your office, do it!  I would only add items that easy to take away when the decorations need to come down. That way it’s an easy put up and tear down job.  No need in taking up precious work time with elaborate decorating in your office . . . unless that sort of thing lights you up!

You may not think this is important but if you don’t typically show your brand in a religious light, you may want to be consider holiday decorations in your video content.  I highly respect the business owners who could give two flips and or incorporate their beliefs in their daily business content, but I also understand wanting to keep your business separate from your personal beliefs.  Whatever floats your boat, just put some thought into it!

It’s not too late, there is still a small piece to the year.  Take the quiz to find out what your biggest distraction is these days.  The answer may surprise your, but also have you well on your way to figuring out the best ways for you to manage them.  

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