Decorate Your Office With Little to No Budget

If you are looking to decorate your office with little to no budget there are so many resources for you to accomplish just that!  Because the work from home movement skyrocketed, there is so much information on creating a creative workspace, and decorating that space to look like your own.  Now you may not have the “interior design” muscles to create your dream office on your own, but you can create a space that inspires you and makes you feel good while working there.  

Start with what inspires you

Being inspired is crucial to creating an office space that you love to work in.  If you lack inspiration, think about how hard it is going to be to work?  You want to have something pleasing to the eyes when thinking/planning for your business.  As an entrepreneur, working from home and building a business in the busiest areas of your home is hard enough.  Having a color palette or things that you love to motivate you throughout your workday will help and keep you going throughout the day.

Get general ideas on what you want/need (wall, desk, storage)

When you decide on what inspires you, now it’s time to get some general ideas on how to decorate your office with little to no budget.  It’s good to know the general direction of what type of decor you want  This will help you to focus your search and not being completely swayed by every pretty pic on IG.  Create a list of things you are looking for so you can narrow down the search time.  For example, if you are into quotes, you may be looking for prints, frames, or items to put quotes on.  If your thing is having bright yellow all around because it makes you happy, then you’ll be searching for ways to bring that color into your work space.

Find substitutes to decorate your office with little to no budget

This is literally my favorite part of putting space back together after organizing.  Walking around the house, or repurposing items that are no longer useful in their previous locations is the perfect way to start decorating your office.  For example, maybe you had a basket in the pantry that no longer serves you, but now you have a builtin bookcase area in your work space.  You can also buy something similar but less expensive.  Most things in retail, furnishings, or decor have some “version” of a knock off.  Grab the knock off now and see how you like it in space.  Even if it isn’t in the exact color/style you want (as long as it gives you the same feels).

Upgrade when you are ready

When your business is booming and you have the expendable income to flush out your home office the way you want, then buy the higher priced thing later.  You can love where you are right now and still love where you are headed!  Some items that you want may be more of investment pieces like artwork or primary furniture.  You can make investment purchases when you are solid on your workflow, money is coming in consistently and you are settled on a style for your workspace.  You can even make the investment as a reward for hitting a certain milestone in your business as incentive to kill it!

Know that your tastes may change when you decorate your office with little to no budget

You may be in love with some style now and next year you may be into something totally different!  This happened to me and I’m currently on the hunt for something new.  When making those big investments, you want to be sure you wouldn’t mind the item sticking around for a while.  Know that you are living, loving life and growing.  So changing your mind on what looks inspiring will likely change over time.

When you are building a business, it’s hard work, and having a workspace that not only inspires you but motivates you to do the work you do is crucial!  Being able to have the office that you want at any level is possible.  Don’t settle for staring at a blank wall just because you can’t afford the gallery wall you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest and just create it with what you have or have access to.  If you want to brainstorm more ideas on how to implement this in your office space, book a free strategy call here and I’ll walk you through the steps on how to do this!

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