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Rearranging a room is my JAM!  I kid you not.  When I was a teenager, I used to rearrange my room every two months or so, just to have a different look.  And once I completed the new look to my bedroom, I would just stare in admiration at the “new” room I created.  Create a new look in your home for free by rearranging the furniture.  Simple furniture swaps can give you a completely different feel and function.

Like literally sit there and just look around at the space LOL

But hey, this is the easiest and cheapest way to have a new look and flow to your space without spending a dime.  All you need to do is just start moving some things around, or make a quick drawing on paper (I’m not talking about artist quality, just some squares and circles, I’m sure y’all can handle that).  I’ll use my master bedroom as an example.  Here is how you get started:

What’s in the master bedroom?

Bed, Dresser, Crib, 2 night stands, large Chair, small TV stand, Large TV stand and TV

  1. If you know what type of space you are trying to achieve, or what you want to feel like when you are hanging out in that space, keep this in mind. Do you want a place to socialize, peaceful rest, or family hangout?  It’s essential to have a vision for everything you desire.  And rearranging your room is no exception.
  2. Start with the larger pieces of furniture. Move it to another wall, or reface in a different direction.  In my master bedroom example, the bed would get moved first.
  3. Begin flushing out the rest of the space with the smaller pieces of furniture. I would move the crib, dresser, and large chair next.
  4. Then work the small stuff into the room. Keep in mind, some of the smaller furniture will need to be taken into consideration at one of the earlier steps.  For example, you would make sure that your night stands have enough room to fit alongside your bed.
  5. Step back and look at the rearrangement. Take into consideration what you use certain pieces of furniture for.  Maybe you only sleep in your bed, and rarely watch TV in your bedroom.  In this case, the TV placement wouldn’t be essential to view from the bed.
  6. Make sure you feel good when you sit in the room. Check out all the angles, walk around and get a sense of the flow of movement.  If it’s awkward or doesn’t make you smile or take a breath of relief change it.  You work so hard to keep a roof over your head, why not enjoy every space in it to the fullest?

Now that you know what to do, how do you decide what to put where without moving large pieces of furniture around a room only to decide you don’t like it there?

Well you can draw your room and the furniture sin it on a note pad, or cut out size relevant shapes(for the furniture in the room) and move them around a piece of paper.

There are also digital tools for deciding where to put items in a room, but for some small rearrangement projects it makes more sense to just draw it out and physically move items around the paper.

Pull out a measuring tape or another measuring utensil (I have used a broom before) to gauge how much space you have.

This process is a feeling and visualizing process.  You are trying to actualize what you dreamed your space would be and how it would make you feel.

If something doesn’t click, try again.

This process can be really fun.  Try it out and get a new room at no cost.

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