Best Products for Small Home Office

The first thing I bought for my home office that started at my kitchen counter was a wall mounted hanging file sorter, with pen storage and a place for a notebook or two.  I love that damn thing! I had limited counter space to work on, so it was the perfect fit for storing paper contracts and my planner.

When you have a small work space, you want to be sure  that you still have access to everything you need in order to work efficiently.  Here are some guidelines for picking out products for your small shared home office space.

Ones that will serve two purposes.  If you have a desk, make sure it has drawer or shelf space.  Or if whatever the item is, are you able to incorporate space into the design?  For example, if you are working at your dining room table, put some drawers under the table for extra storage.  Adding storage to a piece of furniture only works if it doesn’t take away from the purpose of said furniture.

Space saving options help you save on the little bit of work space you have.  Not all space saving options will work for you, it depends on the way you work.  For example, if you require table top space to create, you don’t need a bunch or space saving organizational products  that sit on your table or desk area. Maybe look into wall mounted options for these items instead.

Something that is going to inspire you.  When working from a small office you may not feel so BOSS at times.  The kids could be swarming your space with requests for random snacks and or toys during your dedicated work time.  Inspiration helps you through the fog of working from home in tight quarters and in all the stages of growing your business.

Efficiency is key when working in a shared home office.  You don’t want to take up the entire living room with your work space, but you need the proper equipment to do what you do on a daily basis to put in work.  Look for items that really serve your purpose instead of just going out and grabbing something you saw on Pintrest.  Small office spaces require thought and creativity to put together and can be a powerful start to your business.


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