About Ruth’s SOS

Ruth’s Simple Organizing Solutions was originally created to fulfill a long time passion for organizing spaces in homes, re-staging rooms, and reinventing daily routines.

Ruth was my grandmother’s name.  She was a mother of 5 and worked nights in the maternity ward for years.  She managed to have a hot meal cooked for her family every night (my mom can attest to this) and has been a big inspiration to me and my role in creating Ruth’s SOS.    My name is Diane, and I am a mom who lovers her family, close friends, red wine, and music.

What I do:  I’m a chemist by trade, and organizer by passion.  I’ve always been a highly organized person, and love creating new spaces out of old to better their functions.  I’m all about a container, basket, or shelving unit.  And don’t get me started with a notebook.  I have had to stop buying them, because I wouldn’t fill them totally.  I love all things organizing.

I am one of those people who need to work night shift out of financially necessity.  I became a mom almost 5 years ago, and working nights has changed dramatically for me because of that.  Not only did this amazing little girl change my life, I had to function during the day in order to spend time with her.  Now you’re probably thinking, “When did you sleep?”  Good question.  I don’t really remember, it was quite a blur the first few years.  But I think I have this mom on night shift thing down to a science.

Working at night and being the primary as far as household operations gives me daily practice on perfecting routines and systems, and helping my family stay organized.  This experience has taught me how to operate on a skinny budget, keep my house in some sort of order, and be able to enjoy my loved ones at the same time.