Make Meal Planning Work For You

​My experience with menu planning has been inconsistent, lacked follow through, and seemed more like a “need to do” than a “want to do”.  It became painful because it didn’t fit me.  The plans didn’t fit my daily routines, combined with the amount of time that I either had too cook or wanted to cook.

In the past I would start a plan then stop the next week.  Why?  Why was it so easy for some people to follow a plan yet it was so difficult for me?  It’s because the plan wasn’t tailored to me.  I kept trying to fit myself into traditional meal plans, but nothing stuck.  It wasn’t until I found my personal groove, between a few different types of meal plans, I became consistent.

When they say meal planning can save you money, they are right.  When they say meal planning can save you time, the are right too.  You have to find your groove that works for your families dynamic.  Here’s what I do/am doing today!

Fun facts:  I spent $30 on this food, and anything with a check mark I already had on hand.  Want to see how I do that?  Details coming soon.

I shop from what is on sale at my local grocery store and pair those ingredients up with what I  have on hand in the cupboard and fridge/freezer.  I come up with a few meal combinations and write them down as a list.  I cook all the food at once, and let everyone pick and chose what they want when they want throughout the week.  I work at night, so meals aren’t typically sit down for the entire family.  This way, there is always something to eat when they want to grab lunch or dinner.  And my husband always takes care of breakfast!

This is the end result.  I gotta tell you I felt a little off my game this evening.  I woke up at 4:30pm and felt sluggish.  I made most of what I set out to make.  I will continue with the other items in a few days.  The thing is, I have plenty of food to start the week off.  And with this simple way of meal planning, its not really structured where I have room to get tired midway through and pick back up later.  No big deal.

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