5 Tips for Using Storage to Ensure Clutter Doesn’t Come Back

How many of you de-cluttered your office space last month?  A lot of times we get inspired to clean house and clear out the old during the beginning of the year and as entrepreneurs that work from home, our offices tend to get wrapped into that new year cleanse.

Now that you have decluttered your office, did you assess your container storage?  The actual containers in our office need to be be assessed as well as the items in it.  When getting rid of items that no longer serve your space, the box, bin, or shelf that they were once housed in or on may need to go or serve a different purpose.

When choosing storage for your home office, here are 5 tips for using storage in a way to ensure that the clutter doesn’t come back!

Don’t buy containers before you purge the space.  What happens is the voided space will be filled with something.  You won’t purge all items that should go because you have a perfectly good bin from Ikea that can house said items.  

Don’t buy containers that don’t have specific items slated to be housed by them.  We get so excited to get our area squared away, we go out and buy the matching set of office organization from some designer only to see that you have nothing that actually needs to be in there.  This is not only a waste of money but also a waste of time configuring the space with unnecessary items.

Contain only what actually should be there.  If you didn’t have time to declutter your office thoroughly, it’s possible to end up with items that migrated to your office space.  You will use more storage containers then actually needed, which will still make your office cluttered (even if the look of the storage is seamless).

Use storage that actually fits the space.  If you are working in a compact area, you want to find items that serve double duty so that they can house more than one type of items.  Choosing smart storage vs. storage that is visually appealing (hopefully you get both) is essential in picking something that is actually going to work in your space.

If you do have extra office storage that isn’t currently being used, remove it from the space.  Don’t leave the temptation of an “extra place” to put stuff keep your office cluttered every two weeks!

Spending time to declutter is going to happen in all of our homes, because we grow, we do, we live in these spaces.  This is inevitable. But what we can change is the frequency of decluttering sessions and the time it takes to do them.

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