4 Ways to Make A Tiny Office Work For You

Last week I did a live on your home office becoming a dump zone.  And suggested that if you were working in high traffic area of your home, to relocate your workspace.  

If this is your challenge and think there is no other location that you could possibly lend to an office space, I encourage you to look around with an open mind anyway.  Maybe this will be an auxiliary workspace for you to use during high traffic times, or a permanent solution.

Here are 4 ways to make a tiny home office work for you!

Get down to the bare bones of your office equipment.  Most of the time we have items in our office that aren’t essential to every single work day but they are items that do belong in the office.  As yourself, “Do I use this every day?”. If not, minimalistic is key! Check for items that have a smaller version of item (laptop vs. computer) and use the smaller version in that space.

When searching for desk options or tables, you definitely want to go for the compact options.  If you can find a desk that includes some storage that’s even better. You can save on that space surrounding the desk.  When your desk or table top doesn’t have any built in storage, you can add storage under the desk or table. Just be sure to leave space for your legs.

When scouting out a location for this tiny office, check and see if there is any wall space available.  Wall space besides or above your desk area can be used for more storage of office materials. You want to pick a space in the home where the traffic pattern is low during the times that you typically work.  And if the lighting isn’t great, but you found the perfect space, chose “day bulbs” to brighten up the space for a more natural lighting look.

Inspiration creates a vibe in any office space.  Even though you are creating a tiny space, you still want to be elevated there.  Search for small pieces of wall art, or print outs that can fit in frames that are suitable to your style and the space.  You can even do a small vision board, with swatches of your brand colors.

While you may not need to use your tiny office if this is a temporary situation for your, don’t underestimate the value of getting a quiet location to work in.  You can create an area all your own to focus on your business and clients.

If you need some help locating a place to put your tiny office space.  Click the button and get on a call with me!

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