4 Things to De-clutter In Your Home Office Before the New Year

With the holiday season wrapping up, we tend to think of new beginnings for the New Year to come.  Many set intentions for being better, or making a difference, or plain old losing weight. As business owners, we often have already started planning out our first quarter goals and maybe in the midst of launching that new thing to better serve our people.  But there is something that can get lost in your business, while in the midst of all this hustle, bustle, and season of rejuvenation.

Getting your home office prepped for the new year.  

With taking down decorations, and hard core planning for the first quarter this is often forgotten.  Here are 5 things you want to de-clutter in your home office before the new year.

Paperwork is the top on my list here.  A lot of us don’t have much paperwork that we deal with on a daily basis, but there may be some lingering around that you want to attend to.  Like planning sheets, and brainstorming for future projects or some that have already been completed. Client notes, payments and tax information, or even old notebooks.  You want to do a sweep of your office to see if anything can be tossed out, and if not, what type of filing system needs to be created for such paperwork.

Your computer may hold a lot of information or maybe you store your content on the cloud.  Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t meticulous about saving documents, graphics, or photos in their proper locations, you want to go through your folders and sort items accordingly.  Also, depending on the work you do, you may find it helpful to archive certain items by year. With the new year approaching you can create those folders now and toss items in their when the new year rolls over or as you see fit.

Junk drawer if you have one, or maybe it’s a catch all shelf that catches random stuff from other areas in the home.  This area is likely purged more often than others, but doing this at the end of the year is a good time to start on a monthly or bi-weekly clearing out so that this space that is prone to random stuff stays as clutter free as possible.

Calendars and Vision boards.  A new year calls for a new calendar!  Whether you have paper calendar on the wall or use a paper planner, you have likely already picked out what you will be replacing this years item with.  But for those of us that have vision boards, has anything changed since that last time you made one? Do you need a new one altogether or just a few tweaks to the current one?

I wanted to create this post because often times we wait until we are already into the new year and then decide to start cleaning up certain aspects of our lives.  We should totally be doing this on an ongoing basis and not just because it’s a new year. We all need to start clearing the space to create bigger and better things now, so we can hit the ground running on January first.

Need some more guidance on how to organize anything in your home?  Grab my FREE Guide to Organizing Anything to help you in your de-cluttering process as well as creating a system for maintaining the space that fits your lifestyle.  


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