3 Keys to Removing The Risk of Your Office Becoming A Dump Zone

How many of you have had your home offices turn out to be a dump zone?  

You know the place where everyone likes to sit their everything . . . from dishes, to toys, to just about anything else you can think of (in my house you’re likely to find a basketball or kids sneaker)!

It’s super frustrating to get to your office space and you have to “clear a space for you to create” before you can even get started.

If you have this problem, raise your hand or give me a thumbs up.

This was a BIG issue for me when my office was set up in the dining room of my home.  This is the place near the main entry to our home, the main hang out space, and what i have coined the dump zone.

So if you’ve noticed random items appearing in your office space and want to stop the dump zone phenomena from snowballing, do these 3 things:

  1. Set boundaries:  one of the hardest things to do in a common area in your home because it’s likely that your household has been using this space previously for another sole purpose.  But have the conversations with those that can understand that your office space is important to your success, whatever that looks like for you.
  2. Help them out:  Set your family up for success and give them a place to put the items that usually end up in your workspace.  This could be anything from storage in other locations, or even designated places within your office space (kids hmwk example)
  3. Create an office space that will discourage other peoples stuff from being dropped in that location.  Now you may not be able to relocate to a different droom, but you may be able adjust the layout of your office, making it just a little harder for random items to naturally end up in your space.  

Being able to sit down and get to work right away will keep you on schedule, and you won’t have the distraction of wanting to clean up, or irritation of your office space being treated just like the rest of the room.

Now if you are thinking that there is no other way to configure your space to stop it from becoming a dump zone, I want you to click the button below and set a call with me and I will help you figure out one!

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