#1 Reason That Keeps You From Staying Organized

I am the proud mom to a beautiful, energetic, and creative four year old!  I used to be in a constant battle with her about returning her toys to the play area (also where the family room is) when she was finished playing with them.

I mean, she has every excuse in the book as to why she can’t return her toys.  “Someone else needs to help her”, or will just flat out ignore the request until she is threatened with not being able to attend dance class.

So I surrender . . .

I give in and I eventually sort through everything and make it look better so I don’t go crazy.

Do you know why “me” organizing her play area never works?


Have you ever wracked your brain over how certain areas in your home can never stay organized?  You go through all of the motions of purging, sorting, and rearranging the space, only to find random items slowly but surely migrating right back into the space.

The #1 reason for not being able to maintain an organized space is due to a lack of a functional routine. 

Ask yourself a few questions, and you’ll have a routine that you will actually follow through with:

  1. Know yourself

What you are actually willing to do on a regular basis to upkeep the space?  Keep your daily schedule, and lifestyle in mind when creating a routine, and create steps that will flow with what you already do on a daily basis.

  1. Find your why

Be honest with yourself about why you are not keeping the area tidy.  Whatever the reason is, write that down so you can start to solve that “why” or that challenge.

  1. Create solutions based on your why

Based on what your typical daily schedule is, family habits, and knowing the real reason why the area continues to be in disarray, you can now figure out a solution that is actually going to work for you and your family.

With my daughter, I realized that she would get overwhelmed by the amount of toys she had to return.  To fix this, we implemented a rule allowing only 2 baskets full of toys out at one time.  I know me and hubbs may not enforce the rule every single day, and because of this, I added in a design change to her play area to help with that (you’ll see this next week!).

When you are able to create a routine to keep your space organized, remember to make it easy enough to implement so that you’ll definitely stick with it.

What room or space in your home do you have a challenge with?  What have you done to try and fix it?

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